Our History

„Entrepreneurs who decide to turn their name into a trade mark in Poland are few and far between. This risky decision had a particular dimension in 1982 when I began my adventure as an entrepreneur in the construction sector. The 1990s saw a turning point for our company as we began to cooperate with ASTRON from Luxembourg. At present Astron belongs to the Swedish group Lindab, thanks to which we have access to breakthrough technologies in the manufacturing of steel constructions.

Today we are ready to face every challenge in the domain of industrial construction thanks to our staff’s expertise and experience and the necessary technical equipment. More than 25 years of operations have shown that choosing a name as a trade mark was an effective way of turning our Clients’ trust, developed painstakingly throughout the years, into a stable value. It is the most precious value I possess. If I were to choose the most valuable achievement of the nearly 30 years of my professional activities, I would not hesitate to state that it is the trust we have earned with our Clients...”
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