IMKA – assembly of the structure has begun

The name of the contract: “Production and storage hall for Imka sp. z o.o.”

The Contractor: “Imka sp. z o.o.

Construction period: 20.01.2014 – 30.09.2014

Scope of works: General contractor

Description of the project:

The subject of the planned investment involves an extension of the already existing facilities with newly designed buildings:
– a production and storage hall – 2 levels – a ground floor with an area of 11,780 m2, 1st floor – 4,780 m2;
– a warehouse hall – 1 floor with an area of 9,211 m2
– a staff and administrative building – 3 floors with an area of 1,760 m2

Our company is also responsible for developing an internal infrastructure, a fire detection system and an external infrastructure (roads, manoeuvring areas, networks).
Construction: foundations – monolythic construction, columns – prefabricated reinforced-concrete girders.

The external shell consists of double skinned panels.
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