The automatic high rack warehouse for M-LOGISTIC Sp. z o.o. is READY!

The automatic high rack warehouse for M-logistic for the Maspex Group is ready.

The building is 35 metres high!

Surface area: 5600 m2
Construction period: 5.05.2015-30.12.2015

The investment carried out in the General Construction system included founding the building on CFA piles approx. 21 m long. Construction of a high reinforced concrete foundation raft – about 3500 m3 of concrete for the installation of rails for automated stacker cranes.
Wall and roof casing carried out in the Astron system.
Fire detection and smoke removal system installed between racks.

The investor is already operating in the new warehouse and we are glad that we have raised to the challenge of executing this demanding investment.

We wish you much success and thank you for the successful cooperation.
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