The Dr. Schumacher plant is officially open.

Thirty six months. This is how long it took to rebuild the plant which burnt down in Lubań in July 2012. It used to be IMKA, now it is Dr. Schumacher – “We are much bigger and more modern now. Before the fire there were 511 people employed in the plant, nowadays there are over 660 employees. The plant intends to employ up to 750 workers” – said Paul Stanek, CFO of the company, on the opening day.
The plant, which was destroyed by a big fire on 8 July 2012, was officially opened on 19 February 2016. The company invested PLN 150 m to rebuild it. Nowadays, on the area of 50,000 m2, there are 45 production lines manufacturing 200 m wet wipes. It is the biggest plant of this type in Europe. At present the turnover of the company is secured and it intends to keep the production on the level of PLN 500 m  until 2020. The wet wipes from Lubań are bought by such global clients like Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. The wipes produced in Lubań can be bought e.g. in all the Rossman chain retail shops.
– It was a huge challenge. It is our biggest investment in the whole history of the company – said the president of the board of Dr. Schumacher, Jens Schumacher – We decided to stay in Lubań because we found ideal workers here. These workers represent the highest quality in Europe. Moreover, Lubań is situated in its centre, which is very important for the logistics.
Before World War II, 75,000 handkerchiefs were produced in Lubań per week. Today the number of produced wipes should be counted in millions. The fire of 2012 cast a shadow of doubt over the future existence of the company in Lubań. I don’t know any other company which would be able to get up after such a tragedy, said Paul Stanek.
Thanks to the collective work and involvement of, first of all, the President of the Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Medium Business Iwona Krawczyk, but also local government representatives like Konrad Rowiński, the production of wet wipes returned to Lubań. This is how the 150 years long tradition of this town is continued.
–  I am really happy that from the very beginning I participated in a process which opens huge investment possibilities. The possibilities which exist today and will exist here in the future. – said the President of the zone, Iwona Krawczyk. We are dealing here with an investor who gave the city a cash injection, he created new jobs, brought us his know-how and new technologies. This is a big step for the city of Lubań, for the Lower-Silesia voivodeship and for our country.
The representatives of the local government are also pleased – The fact that the most modern plant operating in this segment of production was built so quickly is a real opportunity. More jobs were created and there is a chance for even more, said Walery Czarnecki, the district governor of Lubań. It is a gigantic investment amounting to 150 m Polish Zloty. If someone invests such money, than it is not easy to decide on stopping the production. This is why I believe these jobs will last here for many years to come and it is excellent news for the poviat of Lubań.
Dr. Schumacher is one of the leading European manufacturers of wet tissues made of soaked fibres, used in body care, hygiene, disinfection, as well as in cosmetics and household maintenance.

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The article and photos from the opening.
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