The Skalski company signed a contract with the JORDAN GROUP concerning the construction of a service station hall, an office building and a car wash facility.

Construction of a staff and office building, a vehicle overhaul and servicing station, a coach wash together with external water and sewage, gas, central heating, electrical and mechanical ventilation installations. Construction of internal underground water and sewage, gas, electrical, water and sewage connection, rain water installations. Removal of underground electrical cables, construction of internal communication routes and parking spaces.

Investor: Jordan Group Jacek Legendziewicz
31-535 Kraków, ul. Gęsia 8
Localisation: Kraków, ul. Rybitwy

The area for the construction of a servicing hall, office building and car wash: 4168 m2
Scheduled date of the completion of construction –  September 2016
+48 12 297 29 00